Canandaigua Lake Area Bed and Breakfasts of the Finger Lakes Region

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The Direct Booking Advantages

Deal with a Person - If you have a question, special interest or need, talk to your host and relax knowing your comfort is in our hands. Should an issue arise and you need to modify your reservation, you can immediately reach a human to address the situation (no phone menu, no "support network" a continent away).

Get the REAL Deal - Third party booking systems (or on-line travel agencies, aka OTAs) often misrepresent what an inn has to offer. Their systems are designed primarily for hotels with many rooms of the same type. They often advertise "only one room left" when a B&B has choices, special deals and amenities that don't fit their "cookie-cutter" formats.

Support Small Business - OTA systems earn their cut by selling rooms - hence some of the false "urgency" and sometimes misleading information in their listings. Booking direct bypasses the automated marketing and supports the independent small business with your travel dollars.

The connections to inns on this website will let you book direct. If you're confused by search results and what company you're actually talking to, you're not alone! You can always phone the inn. [This is the best way to avoid internet scammers too!]

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